What Is the Cost of Home Inspection?

The home inspection will be one of the first expenses you’ll incur after going under contract. It’s usually paid out of pocket at the time of the inspection. That’s because a lot of transactions fall through at this stage and the inspectors want to make sure they don’t end up working for free.

Usually you can pay by cash, check or credit card. If you’re getting points on your credit card, you may as well charge the inspection on it. This is one of the few instances during the home purchase when you don’t have to pay cash.

So what is the cost of home inspection?

Size and Age Factors

When booking your inspection, you’ll be asked about the size of the home which will partially drive the price quote. This makes sense. The larger a property is, the more time it will take to inspect it. Hence it will be more expensive.

They’ll probably also ask about the property’s age. Older homes generally take longer to inspect because they require extra scrutiny on outdated systems and deteriorated exterior or foundations.

Sometimes the location will also matter. More remote neighborhoods will take longer to get to.

Sample Cost of Home Inspection

I pulled up home inspection quotes for several kinds of properties. These are meant to just give you an idea what to expect. As they say, your results may vary.

  • One-bedroom condo: $350-$400
  • Two-bedroom condo: $400-$450
  • Three-bedroom townhome: $450-$550
  • Four-bedroom single family home: $450-$600

Keep in mind that there may be additional inspections needed for your contract that will cost extra. Examples are radon testing, termite inspection, well & septic inspection, and lead-based paint testing.

If you’re interested in some further reading regarding inspections, check out my posts on most common inspection problems, radon testing and termite inspections.

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